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at Southlake Residential Care Village

Home Sweet Southlake

Southlake Village has been completely rebuilt to provide a warm, comfortable, state-of-the-art environment for 192 Residents.  Our new Home is located on the Southlake Regional Health Centre campus, but is independent of the hospital.

If you’re considering making Southlake Village your new Home, prospective Residents can apply here.

Basic Accommodation

Basic accommodation rooms have been designed for maximum privacy.  In this arrangement, two Residents share a washroom and share the vestibule between separate bedrooms.  As with the private room, you will receive a bed, a wardrobe, bedside table, 3-drawer chest, and comfortable chair.

Private Accommodation

For people who treasure their personal space, private accommodation offers the greatest amount of privacy and individual space.  You will receive a private room and private bathroom.  Furnishings include a bed, a wardrobe, bedside table, 3-drawer chest, and comfortable chair.

Personalizing Your Room

We encourage our Residents to personalize their rooms and create a space that truly belongs to them.  A locked “memory box” is provided outside each room in which photos and personal mementos can be displayed. Memory boxes not only act as decorative accents throughout the halls, but also assists Residents, family members, and visitors in locating their room.

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For those interested in setting up a tour at our care Home, click below to schedule a meeting time that’s best for you.

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As a not-for-profit organization, Southlake Residential Care Village relies on the donations and support of caring people like yourself. Click below to support Southlake Village today.

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