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Quality Improvement Plan

Quality Improvement Plan

At Southlake Residential Care Village we are continually trying to learn and grow within the Long Term Care Facility, to improve the quality of care for our Residents. These initiatives are implemented through the Ontario Quality Improvement Plan.

Some initiatives include providing education to staff on physical assessments, requesting feedback from Residents or family, and increasing Resident happiness through food and entertainment programs and cultivating staff relationships.

We create these initiatives through annual care conferences with family and Residents as well as our Life Enrichment staff conduct surveys to identify areas of improvement. The Resident Council also has a great deal of influence at Southlake Residential Care Village as well as the Food Committee who help develop healthy food programs and entertainment within the Home.

At Southlake Care Residential Village, we want Residents to feel like they’re individuals, known and cared for. The creation of Memory Boards is just one way to give the Residents a sense of self, it’s a place to showcase their history, background, family and interests.

To review the full Quality Improvement Plan click here.

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