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Resident’s Attending Physician

As part of our primary care, Residents are assigned to a specific physician. Appointments for specialists will be arranged through the Home. A Resident or the Resident’s substitute decision-maker may retain a physician or registered nurse in the extended class to perform the following services:

  • a physical examination of the Resident upon admission and an annual physical examination thereafter, and to produce a written report of the findings of theexamination;
  • attend regularly at the Home to provide services, including assessments;
  • participate in the provision of after-hours coverage and on-call coverage.
  • residents are assessed by the Home’s physiotherapist, and are provided physiotherapy as required.

If a Resident chooses to retain their own primary care provider (MD or RN Extended Class usually called Nurse Practitioners) these practitioners must meet the Home’s standards.

Dental Services

Dental Services are provided through Direct Dentistry at Southlake Village. Arrangements may be made for dental visits through the charge nurse when necessary. We recommend an annual examination by a dentist for all Residents.

Arrangements to have dentures made, realigned, adjusted may be made by contacting the charge nurse or by contacting a denturist of your choice. The denture therapist will provide services within the long term care Home. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the Resident.

Pharmacy Services

Medical Pharmacy provides pharmacy services and medications for Southlake Village. Medications/Treatments are prescribed by the doctor only and are administered by the nursing staff. No medication of any kind may be brought to the Resident or left in the Resident’s room. Not all medications/treatments are covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (OBD) or the Government Pharmacy. There may be a charge for drugs not covered by the government, however the P.O.A will be notified of such charges before the medication is ordered.

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